Experts in Wildlife Action

After identifying the need for a one-stop-portal for gripping, breathtaking and unadulterated African wildlife videos and photography, Capture the Wild seized the opportunity and filled the gap in the market by providing high quality and unique wildlife action videos and photography. We realised that wildlife enthusiasts have had to spend countless hours surfing the net in an effort to find high quality wildlife photography and video footage that will take them on a virtual safari from the comfort of their own homes.
We ourselves are wildlife enthusiasts, this is the very heartbeat of our existence and we take pride in our work. We seek to deliver you nothing but the very best of what Africa has to offer. We trust in the potential of our platform to continue growing and encouraging you to make more and more submissions of your work in order to contribute to this movement.
When visiting our platform, you can look forward to enjoying uncut, authentic wildlife videos and breathtaking photography which has not been tampered with. We promise wildlife stories as they unfold. On your visit to our site you can look forward to a journey into the African wild from the comfort of your own home. Experience the big five in action and hear real life reports from seasoned game rangers and travel enthusiasts.

Take a trip into the wild and get as close as you possibly can to the African safari from the comfort of your home.

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