Tips for Capturing the Best Wildlife Action


We all know how breathtaking high quality wildlife action can be and if you’re a wildlife enthusiast you know just how thrilling the idea of capturing magical moments in nature can be. This is often a very challenging pursuit as there are no opportunities to re- capture as it requires patience, a good camera and a bit of luck. As a novice photographer you might wonder how the pros get it right. Here are a few tricks to help you on your way to capturing the best wildlife action.

Tricks of the Wildlife Trade

– Since there are no opportunities to retake the shots, it would be wise for you to always be alert and ready to capture every moment.

– Use a tripod, this is not only for people who have particularly shaky hands, but is a useful tip for everyone as animals may startle you causing you to lose that magical shot.

– Camouflage as much as possible. Once animals identify you they are likely to want to stay out of your path as they may think you are a threat. Therefore if you want to capture the best footage, you better become one with nature.

– Remember to use sound equipment. You cannot rely on your camera’s built-in sound recording capabilities only, especially when filming outside. With wind and other factors that may disturb the capturing of clear audio. Always make sure you have sound recording equipment to make sure that you capture clear, crisp sound to support your high quality films.

We hope that this helps you in your next wildlife film and photography pursuit. Browse our site for breathtaking wildlife videos and photography for inspiration right now.

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